Title Unrelated: Volume 1

Title Unrelated: Volume 1

Collects the Prologue and Chapter 1 in a cool new format that you can HOLD IN YOUR HANDS!

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Title Unrelated: Volume 2

Title Unrelated: Volume 2

Title Unrelated - Volume 2! Collects Chapters 2-3.

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Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

A Title Unrelated mini-issue.

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Title Unrelated: Chapter Zero

(Currently on hiatus)
Chaper Zero

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Mini-comic about a cool bird that rides a skateboard.

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A standalone comic by me. A lonely teen discovers that the birds can speak, and soon becomes drawn into a quest to restore balance in a magical world called OTHERWOOD.

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Title Unrelated Buttons


Set of 7 buttons from Title Unrelated.

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Title Unrelated Stickers


4x6" sheet of vinyl stickers featuring Title Unrelated characters.

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Title Unrelated Print: "Friends"

Print: Friends

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Title Unrelated Print: "Wings"

Print: Wings

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