• Twapa

    Twapa is the adopted sibling of Erin and Mara.
    Kind of a know-it-all. Likes science. Dislikes ignorance.

  • Erin

    Erin is the adopted sister of Twapa and Mara.
    Plays the guitar. Likes soccer and 80s movies.

  • Mara von Snitter

    Mara von Snitter is the adopted sister of Erin and Twapa.
    She is very artistic. Wants to be a cartoonist.
    Plays the drums.

  • Ciaran

    Ciaran is best friends with Mara.
    He likes to wear black and plays the keyboard.
    Secretly likes shoujo manga.

  • Xe

    Xe has no memory of the past.
    Favorite color is purple.
    Mostly harmless???

  • Fiar von Snitter

    Fiar von Snitter is Mara's cousin.
    He has traveled all over the world.
    In theory he runs a company (but would rather play video games instead).

  • Misha

    Misha is Fiar's bodyguard and best friend.
    He doesn't talk much.
    Communicates best through long emails.

  • Axis

    Axis is Idria's sibling/assistant.
    Has a prosthetic arm and doesn't afraid of anything.
    Looks suspiciously similar to Twapa...

  • Idria

    Idria is a mysterious badass.
    She smokes cigarettes which is an unhealthy habit that people in the real world should avoid. Don't smoke, kids!

  • Ampersand

    Ampersand is an Ambaian student.
    Kind of quiet and angsty.
    Has the ability to heal injuries using "psychic" energy. Cool!

  • Phasia

    Phasia is an Ambaian student.
    Always tries to be kind and helpful.
    Maybe a little TOO much, sometimes.

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