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Title Unrelated is a story of family, love, friendship, and identity.

Three adopted sisters (Erin, Twapa and Mara) and their best friend Ciaran befriend a mysterious stranger named Xe who has no memory of his past. While visiting her cousin's family estate in eastern Europe, Mara is kidnapped and her family and friends travel through a gateway to a parallel world in search of the missing girl...

Although the majority of this comic is all-ages friendly, some parts may contain occasional strong language, violence, and mature themes.

Recommended for ages 13+.

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G Pike

About the Author

I'm G!
I'm an independent writer/illustrator who has been making webcomics since 2000.

I was born in Indiana, USA in 1984.

I'm an avid birdwatcher and world traveler!

I'm nonbinary, and my pronouns are they/them.

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