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May 9, 2017
Moving! Video!
Hi readers! I know this has been a long break, but I just want to keep y'all up to date. I'm moving to another state, hopefully leaving May 17th. I plant to start working on TU Chapter 6 as soon as I'm settled in my new home!
Meanwhile, here's a short video demonstrating how I paint a panel background! Enjoy!
April 13, 2017
Twitter Contest + Indy Comic Con!

Dear readers! Want a chance to win some FREE, CUSTOM ART from ME?
Head over to my twitter for details!

Also, if you're in the Indianapolis area, be sure to head over to the convention center April 14-16! I'll be selling books and art and signing autographs at Artist Alley table #D8! Go here for more info:

March 13, 2017
Chapter 5, Page 45
And that's it! The End of Chapter 5! Sorry for the questions that weren't answered yet, haha. You'll just have to be patient! ;)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND following my Patreon for sketches, updates, and previews of stuff for Chapter 6 in the coming months, as well as other goodies!
I'm not sure about the ETA for the next chapter, as I'm going to be moving (Yes, AGAIN) and finishing up some other stuff. But don't worry, when we get there, it'll be AWESOME.

In other news, please check out author Jon Hakes on Patreon as well, when he reaches his goal of $110/month I'll be doing a small illustration for one of his stories! NEAT!

March 6, 2017
Chapter 5, Page 44
No good options, here, it seems...

Obligatory links: My Patreon This month's Goal progress: $72/$75!
Jon Hakes' Patreon This month's goal progress: $92/110!
The store, where you can buy books and other goodies!

February 15, 2017
Chapter 5, Page 41
Ultimatum! Reminder that I'm participating in a cool project on Patreon! Click HERE for more info and consider supporting my fellow creators!